What's the difference?

Please watch the video below to see why SKO cabinets are far superior to those sold by many competitors. Wherever possible our cabinets are made with solid 18mm back panels, are delivered assembled, and are colour matched to your chosen door style. We recommend downloading our brochures and product guides for full details of all our products. Below are some brief details about the different styles and ranges we can offer. 

<span>SELECT RANGE</span>


The SKO Select kitchen ranges are by far our most competitively priced kitchens. This range features many styles and colours to choose from, and is priced to compete with all the mainstream DIY stores and large kitchen retailers. This allows our customers to own a new kitchen of superior quality, with colour co-ordinated cabinets using high end components and bespoke touches, whilst paying a similar price to a flat pack kitchen.

<span>EXCLUSIVE RANGE</span>


The SKO Exclusive kitchen range, in terms of quality and price, are our best value for money kitchens. These doors and drawer fascias are commonly found in high end and bespoke kitchen studios, and are far superior to those usually found in DIY stores or mainstream kitchen retailers. Customers who choose from our Exclusive range of kitchens will find massive savings can be made against purchasing from companies selling similar, or often lesser quality kitchens.

<span>INTEGRO RANGE</span>


Our INTEGRO cabinets have an aluminium handle profile built into them. We manufacture your cabinets in a choice of 30 colours. Custom sized cabinets are not available in INTEGRO, this is due to the handle profile limiting what we can, and can’t do with the cabinets. Look out for Integro cabinets on selected ranges.



SKO's bespoke bedrooms are perfect for any sized room. The bedroom ranges we supply are great value, without compromising on quality. Our customers can choose from a wide range of high quality styles and luxury finishes to help create their perfect sancutuary.